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The Phantom Cruiser.

The Phantom Cruiser was Space Ghost's personal spacecraft. It is currently docked at the Ghost Planet.


Phantom Cruiser I[]

The original phantom cruiser was shaped like a stylized bird. The hull was painted canary yellow, except for the large, diamond-shaped insignia on its dorsal surface between the wing roots, which was SG's personal sigil of a featureless, white-eyed black head on a red field. Entry and egress from this model was achieved through movable hemispheres of transparent material on the craft's head, or through the docking hatch for the Space Coupe underneath the sigil.

Phantom Cruiser II[]

The second phantom cruiser resembled a white, cruciform sword hilt with a bulbous "head" for a pommel. The socket where the blade would be inserted into the tang/hilt held abank of 4-6 rocket engines. It was otherwise identical in most respects to the original model.


  • Capable of atmospheric flight and planetfall.
  • Can transport at least four passengers over interplanetary and interstellar distances.
  • Hull capable of withstanding both the heat and impact of gouts of molten rock.
  • Highly maneuverable.
  • Energy shield.
  • Cloaking device/Inviso-power.
  • Nose mounted energy weapon.
  • Can dock with and transport Space Coupe.