Cyclo is a former criminal mastermind and current prisoner. Although a powerful evil force in his first appearance, he spent the rest of his known days in jail and (sort of) befriended Zorak and Space Ghost during their time there.

Appearance Edit

Cyclo's skin color mostly appears to be a dark green, but his face (possibly a mask, but you never know) is a lighter mustard yellow. His eyes, nose, and mouth all resemble slits, though his mouth can move normally because even Hanna Barbera ain't THAT cheap, and on each side of it is a whisker. Behind his face, his ears are flat and circular. An emblem resembling them is on his purple hat, though with a red center and strangely less flat. On top of a purple bodysuit the same shade as his hat, Cyclo wears lighter lavender gloves and shoulder pads in a triangle shape. His boots, belt, and collar are all black, though the belt has a lavender shine on the side.

Personality Edit

In his original appearance, Cyclo has a vague knowledge of who Space Ghost is, but not Jan or Jace, and seems to have either been discreet in his crimes or to have just started recently. Though intelligent enough to create robots that seem to have minds of their own, he is also quite petty -- he decides to use Jan and Jace for experiments just because they happened to be near him at the time. He doesn't react very well under stress either, panicking whenever Space Ghost is able to get any kind of lead and meeting his doom by running away into his own maze. In the end though, he does seem quite competent, he probably just shouldn't be the only one in charge.

Later, in Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Cyclo has mellowed out a bit. He is a bit defensive, usually responding to normal questions with answers about being in jail and getting mad when his cellmates watch a show other than his favorite, but in general seems more agreeable. Zorak says he misses jail after seeing him, and Cyclo himself has many jail stories he looks fondly upon.

Biography Edit

Space Ghost Edit

In The Cyclopeds, Cyclo's first appearance, he first uses his titular Cyclopeds to discover Jan and Jace fixing their ship in his domain. Though he does not know who they are, he decides he should use them to experiment on just for the heck of it. Cyclo then sends the Cyclopeds back after the twins, successfully tricking them into entering his Maze of Horror (something any self-respecting space villain should have.) When they realize there is no exit, he introduces himself to them. Explaining that the maze is used to test reactions of inferior creatures to his Super Cyclo-Terror, he promptly sends it after Jan and Jace.

Space Ghost soon gets the memo and rushes to save Jan and Jace, but is perplexed by the Cyclopeds and wonders what they are. Cyclo smugly assures him he will soon find out, even though Space Ghost probably can't actually hear him. But you know. Space Ghost is luckily able to destroy a ship. Cyclo, however, is able to counteract him despite panicking over the destroyed Cycloped. He commands the rest of them to use locking rays on Space Ghost. They succeed, leaving Space Ghost unable to reach his power bands. He seriously needs a better placement for those.

The Cyclopeds then begin bringing Space Ghost to Cyclo, but it turns out he just wasn't trying very hard and is able to reach the power bands after all. His force field soon makes quick work of the rest of the Cyclopeds. After saving Jan and Jace, he decides Cyclo is next. Cyclo doesn't really want any of this and runs into the maze without thinking. Unfortunately for him, the Cyclo-Terror is still in there. He is then presumably punched and pummeled quite a bit. Sent to jail also. It's a hard life for Cyclo.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Edit

Zorak Edit

While putting on a show for Zorak, Space Ghost asks him what voices he remembers. He plays recordings of Metallus, Brak, and Weird Al, all of which Zorak denies having ever heard. However, when a live recording of Cyclo is put on, Zorak is visibly surprised. Cyclo reminisces about the cavity search they were put through one wacky new year, but Zorak still pretends to not know him. Because he's a jerk, that's why. Cyclo grows frustrated at the wacky mantis antics, replying that Zorak isn't even trying now.

Space Ghost reminds Zorak that Cyclo was his prison cellmate from prison planet Alpha-DD7 and introduces him as a master villain and would-be world conqueror to much cheering and applause. Zorak and Cyclo try talking to each other, but neither have the greatest conversation skills, Zorak not really wanting to talk at all and Cyclo only focusing on the fact that he is in jail. The conversation ends on an awkward note with Cyclo unable to join the others at Taco King. You'll never guess why. It's because he's in jail. That's why. Despite the discomfort, Zorak only shows fondness towards Cyclo, remarking that the show makes him remember how much he misses prison.

Sequel Edit

When Space Ghost is sent to prison after the events of the episode Lawsuit, Cyclo appears once again as his cellmate. He lives! After Space Ghost recounts the events leading up to his imprisonment, the episode begins properly with him and Cyclo fighting over which shows they want to watch. Sadly for Cyclo, Space Ghost keeps interrupting the program he lives for by switching to Space Ghost Coast to Coast. After seeing Birdman replacing him as host of the show, Space Ghost takes off to get it back. Cyclo is not seen again, but presumably he got to watch his show. Good for him.