The Absolution was a Ghost Planet spaceship under the command of TOM. It was an L-class Deep Space Explorer, equipped with Hyperspace drive. It took over all broadcasts of Toonami from Moltar in the show's second year.



Damaged Absolution

The Absolution limps back to a repair station after losing its starboard engine.

The IntruderEdit

A space entity got aboard the Absolution and began to grow within the ship's starboard engine. When TOM went below decks to investigate, he was destroyed. SARA booted his consciousness into a new body, TOM 2.0, and instructed him to deploy charges to break off the starboard engine before the entity took over the ship. This tactic worked, and the ship went in for repairs at the Starpower repair station. However, the repair station's parts and service representative said that they could not use the same model of engine, as their model is unstable. Therefore, TOM ordered a new Talon ST engine. (Toonami: "The Intruder")


Soon afterwards, the ship got trapped by the tractor beam of an ancient alien ship. TOM launched the DOKs, but the Absolution lost contact with them shortly after launch. However, they were able to reroute control of the Docks to people on Earth who were watching Toonami. The Docks were able to destroy a giant robot guarding the tractor beam, and then the beam itself, allowing the Absolution to escape into Hyperspace, persued by another alien ship. (Toonami: "Lockdown")

Trapped in HyperspaceEdit

Another villain took over the ship's systems, replacing SARA and forcing TOM to regain control of each system manually. Tom eventually did this, defeating the villain. (Toonami: "Trapped in Hyperspace")


Absolution destruction

TOM witnesses the destruction of the Absolution.

The Absolution was destroyed shortly after being boarded by Orcelot Rex, who had taken SARA to use in his plot to take over the universe. (Toonami: "End Game")

Absolution mk.IEdit

Absolution mk.IIEdit

Absolution mk.IIIEdit